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What About Bob?


In the wildly funny and highly underrated comedy What About Bob?, directed by Frank Oz, Bill Murray plays Bob, an overwhelmingly neurotic and reclusive psychiatric patient who becomes obsessed with his new analyst, Leon Marvin (Richard Dreyfuss).

“Hilarious … this is a role perfectly suited for Bill Murray’s loopy, lazy sense of humor.” – Steve Davis, Austin Chronicle

Acting on his strange compulsion, Bob follows the stuffy psychiatrist and his family to their summer vacation home, and naturally, hilarious (and borderline creepy) hijinks ensues. While his family takes a liking to Bob, Leo grows increasingly frustrated with his patient’s bizarre antics and repeatedly tries to get Bob to leave him alone and return home, which is something Bob is very determined NOT to do. With Leo unraveling at lightning speed, it soon becomes difficult to tell who’s the doctor and who’s the patient in their twisted relationship. This wacky “houseguest-from-hell” comedy, buoyed by the unexpected but comically-inspired pairing of Murray and Dreyfuss, is reminiscent of the great screwball comedies of the ‘30s and ‘40s – a clever mix of silly slapstick, kooky role reversal and cynical sentimentality. And of course, there’s no weirdo stalker more charming than Bill Murray! (Dir. by Frank Oz, 1991, USA, 99 mins., Rated PG)