What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?

60th Anniversary!

What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?


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Joan Crawford dukes it out with her on and off-screen rival Bette Davis in this hilarious, disturbing, no-holds-barred cult horror shocker that takes the concept of sisterly love and throws it down the staircase!  In What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?, two of the greatest icons from Hollywood’s golden age, Oscar-winners Crawford and Davis, dragged their infamous real-life feud onto the big screen and created a macabre masterpiece of Grand Guignol Camp that kick-started an entire genre of “aging actress” horror films. “Baby” Jane Hudson (Davis, in full-throttle, scenery-swallowing mode) is a bitter former child star left to care for her wheelchair-bound sister, Blanche (Crawford, in full masochistic victim mode), also a former Hollywood star.  Stuck together living in a decaying LA. mansion, Jane spends her days tormenting her helpless sister and plotting her own bizarre showbiz comeback, while Blanche hopes to get even with Jane for the car crash that put her in the wheelchair years ago.  Convinced that her days are numbered if she remains in the house with her clearly insane sister, Blanche desperately tries to escape, but all routes are blocked by the increasingly deranged Jane, leading to a shocking climax that’s both a horrifying corker and a blackly funny commentary on the cruel nature of stardom. (Dir. by Robert Aldrich, 1962, USA, 134 mins., Not Rated)

2 HR 25 MIN | NR

Released 1962
What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? Trailer Trailer
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