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Wild Rose


Jessie Buckley (Beast) delivers a star-making performance as Rose-Lynn, a would-be country singer who dreams of leaving her rough life in Glasgow, Scotland for the bright lights of Nashville.

“Jessie Buckley gives a dazzling, raw, intoxicating performance, and when she sings, it’s simply electric.” – Yolanda Machado, The Wrap

Fresh out of a stint in prison, Rose-Lynn is a single mom with an ankle monitor, a curfew, and a concerned mother (Julie Walters, Brooklyn), who wants her to focus more on her two children and less on her music. But when Rose-Lynn tries to hold down a housekeeping job, her boss (Sophie Okonedo, Hotel Rwanda) hears her singing and becomes an unlikely supporter, intent on getting her to Nashville despite the long odds. Caught between hope and responsibility, Rose-Lynn must find her place without abandoning her raw talent and grand ambitions. (Dir. by Tom Harper, 2018, UK, 101 mins., Rated R)

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