Winter Stories of Health & Spirit

Winter Stories of Health & Spirit


Free Admission

Tickets Available DAY OF at Box Office

Featuring a screening of the short documentary RETURN: Native American Women Reclaim Foodways for Health and Spirit.

With Special Guest Storytellers:
Alejandro Higuera (Yaqui)
Chicano TikTok creator Alfonso “Fonz520” Chavez
Kwavol Hiosik (Akimel O’odham) Queer cultural/community educator & land defender
Shelby Dalgai (White Mountain Apache/ Navajo)

RETURN features Roxanne Swentzell from Santa Clara Pueblo, New Mexico. She champions the health benefits of eating a pre-contact diet – what her people ate prior to the Spanish coming. The heartbreaking history of Native Americans in the United States has left a wake of issues including high incidences of diabetes and related illnesses. Believing that reclaiming ancient foods can be the way to regain health, Roxanne’s efforts are echoed by Native American women across the continent.

RETURN features five of them. Along with restoring health and markedly reducing incidences of diabetes, all of their journeys yield a greater sense of cultural identity and deeper spiritual connections.

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