Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown

friday, september 25 & wednesday, september 30 at 8:00pm | GENERAL ADMISSION: $15 • LOFT MEMBERS: $12 | TICKETS AVAILABLE ONLINE ONLY | WE CANNOT ACCEPT PASSES FOR THIS SCREENING

MOVIE + SNACK COMBO: GENERAL ADMISSION: $25 • LOFT MEMBERS: $20 (combo includes admission + one large bag of fresh popcorn and one bottled water or canned soda)

This Open Air Cinema presentation will take place outdoors at The Loft Cinema, and seating is limited (sanitized chairs will be provided, or you can supply your own). The Loft Cinema adheres to all current health and safety guidelines. Social Distancing will be strictly enforced, and masks must be worn at all times (except when eating/drinking). Let’s have a fun, safe and unforgettable night at the movies, Open Air style!

The hilariously off-kilter comedy that turned Pedro Almodóvar in an international cinema icon, Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown weaves a madcap array of colorful characters into a frantic, wickedly funny, manic-depressive symphony.

“An explosion of garish color, wacky detail and surreal complications, Almodóvar’s very funny, urban comedy overflows with the unexpected.” – David Parkinson, Empire

High atop one of Spain’s poshest penthouses, three women have come to the end of their mental ropes. Pepa (Almodóvar -muse Carmen Maura), is a TV star heartbroken by her lover, Ivan (Fernando Guillen), who has just jilted her on her answering machine! Desperately trying to figure out what went wrong, Pepa, teetering precariously on her skyscraper high heels, is obsessing over her heartless lover and starting to lose her bearings. Her neurotic best friend Candela (Maria Barranco) is seeking refuge at Pepa’s penthouse apartment because she recently realized her love is a Shiite terrorist. And Ivan’s vengeful ex-wife, Lucia (Julieta Serrano), was just released from a 20-year stint in a mental institution, and she’s understandably upset and looking for payback. They’re all mighty mad – in fact, they’re on the verge of a nervous breakdown! Co-starring Antonio Banderas, Women on the Verge is a riotous blend of crazed camp humor, over-the-top plot twists and garish production design, giving Almodóvar free rein to gorge on TV soap operas, tabloid news and Hollywood melodramas to concoct one of the funniest and frothiest war-of-the-sexes comedies ever made! (Dir. by Pedro Almodóvar, 1988, Spain, in Spanish with subtitles, 90 mins., Rated R)