Dolph Springer (Jack Plotnick, Reno 911) awakens one morning to find he has lost the sole love of his life – his dog, Paul. Desperate to reunite with his best friend and to set things right, Dolph embarks on a journey which spirals into the realm of the absurd. On his quest, he drastically alters the lives of several severely bizarro characters, including a promiscuous pizza delivery girl (Alexis Dziena, Broken Flowers), a mentally unstable, jogging-addicted neighbor, an opportunistic French-Mexican gardener, an eccentric pet detective (Steve Little, Eastbound And Down) and most mysterious of all, an enigmatic pony-tailed guru, Master Chang (William Fichtner, Entourage) who imparts his teachings to Dolph on how to metaphysically reconnect with his pet. From fearless cinematic surrealist Quentin Dupieux, the director behind the head-exploding killer tire flick Rubber, Wrong operates in an entrancing, hilarious and wholly original hallucinatory universe unlike any other. (Dir. by Quentin Dupieux, 2012, USA, 94 mins., Not Rated, Drafthouse Films) Digital