Earthlings beware! It’s EVIL EXTRATERRESTRIALS MONTH at Mondo Mondays, featuring hordes of angry aliens out to enslave us all with their terrible movies!

“Some extraterrestrials aren’t friendly …”   In space, no one can hear you scream, but on Earth, you can scream all you want, especially after your dad is abducted by aliens, returns from space after three years, eats your mom’s new boyfriend and gives you terrifying psychic powers that you can use to destroy the world in this mind-bendingly bizarre Alien rip-off that brings a whole lot of WTF? attitude to the “Extraterrestrial on Earth” genre.

Xtro is an epic in weird cinema … has an endless stream of surprises for the audience … this is the revolting Alien rip-off you have to see.”- Film School Rejects

Filled with some of the strangest sights in any early-‘80s horror flick, Xtro is a nutty family drama of epic proportions, somehow combining a not-exactly-heartwarming story of a father/son reunion with a bunch of bats**t crazy alien-fueled shenanigans, including an unbelievable alien-birthing scene that once seen, can never be unseen. You have been warned. (Dir. by Harry Bromley Davenport, 1982, UK, 84 mins., Rated R)

Mondo Mondays RAFFLE 2018

VH-YES! Each month at Mondo Mondays in 2018 we’ll be holding a free raffle for an exclusive, one-of-a-kind prize: an old-school VHS case with original Mondo Mondays cover art designed by Tucson artist Ben Mackey! There’ll be new cover art every month, and each case will include a fabulous mystery VHS tape! Collect ‘em all! You must attend EVERY Mondo movie of the month in order to enter, and only one lucky winner will be selected at the final screening of each month. A special punch card will be provided to keep track of your attendance. And remember … please be kind and rewind.