Yor: The Hunter from the Future


Mark your calendars, because July is TRASHY TIME TRAVEL month at Mondo Mondays, featuring an endless array of time-tripping B-movies that will take you back to the future … and beyond!

“He is a powerful warrior from the future, trapped in a prehistoric land, battling for the survival of his people!” Yor, a smug, blonde, loincloth-clad caveman, romps through a hilarious series of silly prehistoric mishaps before eventually stumbling head-first into a WTF? Star Wars rip-off.

“Totally bonkers … delivers goofy cheap thrills and lots of laughs. Trash cinema lovers will have a lot of fun with this.” – Cool Ass Cinema

Along the way, Yor fights dinosaurs, shoots lasers, romances a cavewoman, destroys several different cultures and drowns a few hundred women and children. And he’s the hero! One of the most legendarily bonkers Italian rip-offs of the early ‘80s, Yor: The Hunter from the Future stars B-movie man-slab Reb Brown (Space Mutiny, Cage) as our titular hero, an overly-muscled, overly-confident cave dude with a surfer shag mullet and a perpetually stoned worldview. Yor is loving life, but he’s also got a problem – he’s starting to question his origins, thanks to a mysterious medallion he wears. When he learns of a desert goddess who supposedly wears the same medallion, Yor decides he must find her and learn his true identity. On his journey to self-discovery, Yor battles all manner of foe and indulges in all manner of adventure, at one point even using a giant bat monster as a hand-glider! Eventually, the movie completely flips its prehistoric lid and allows itself to be invaded by a cheapo remake of Star Wars, complete with robots, laser blasters and a Darth Vader clone. And just when it seems like things couldn’t get any wackier, the “shocking” secret of Yor’s origin is revealed. Giving the early ‘80s barbarian flick a truly bizarre sci-fi makeover (dinosaurs AND spaceships in one movie? Sure!), Yor: The Hunter from the Future is muy primo ‘80s trash (featuring one of the decade’s greatest Euro-disco theme songs), from the genius who also gave us Killer Fish and Cannibal Apocalypse! (Dir. by Antonio Margheriti, 1983, Italy, dubbed in English, 88 mins., Rated PG)

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