Young Frankenstein

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Director Mel Brooks’ hilariously “abby-normal” homage to 1930s monster movies is one of the strangest, funniest, most brilliantly conceived comedies to escape from Hollywood since the heyday of the Marx Bros.

 “Mel Brooks is Hollywood’s greatest spoof-meister, and Young Frankenstein may be his funniest movie.   This hysterical horror comedy is guaranteed to make you laugh.” – Laurie Boeder, About Entertainment

The fantastically nutty Gene Wilder (who co-wrote the script) stars as Dr. Frankenstein (“That’s Frahnk-en-steen”), grandson of the famed mad scientist. When Freddy discovers that he is the inheritor of his grandfather’s estate, he journeys to Frankenstein Castle in Transylvania, uncovers the old man’s notebooks, and is awakened to the idea of continuing his infamous relative’s highly questionable experiments in dead tissue re-animation. Soon, our frantic hero is embroiled in a riotous scheme to breathe life into a tap-dancing monster (Peter Boyle) with demented help from his bug-eyed hunchback assistant Igor (Marty Feldman), a ditzy wench named Inga (Teri Garr), Freddy’s debutante fiancé Elizabeth (Madeline Kahn), and the frightening Frau Blucher (Cloris Leachman). Filmed in glorious black and white, and featuring actual sets and props from the original Frankenstein films from the ‘30s, Young Frankenstein is a zany classic guaranteed to make you feel like “Putting on the Ritz!” (Dir. by Mel Brooks, 1974, USA, 106 mins., Rated PG)