Streaming Release!



The Loft Cinema will be splitting the revenue with the film’s distributor 50/50. You can watch Zappa for 48 hours after your purchase. The film may be watched on your mobile device, computer, and other streaming devices. Click here for FAQs on streaming the film.

Immediately following the film, enjoy a live Zappa performance and backstage footage, released from the Zappa vaults for the first time! This bonus footage is exclusive to Virtual Cinema engagements.

There has yet to be a film about the life and times of the brilliant and genuinely maverick musician Frank Zappa.

“Zappa will immerse you in the mind of a genius, and you may never be the same again.” – Peter Kenough, Boston Globe

Granted unfettered access to the artist’s massive archives, director Alex Winter (star of the Bill and Ted films) unearths stellar, mostly unseen footage ranging from Zappa’s first high-school group to the Mothers of Invention to his wide-ranging solo career. Winter also shows how the multi-instrumentalist virtuoso, filmmaker, and devoted family man boldly argued for artistic freedom in manifold ways. A film for devoted fans and novices alike, Zappa stands as the definitive portrait of this extraordinary artist who was fully engaged with the turbulent politics of his day. (Dir. by Alex Winter, 2020, USA, 129 mins., Not Rated)