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Zathura: A Space Adventure

saturday, august 10 AT 10:00aM | free ADMISSION

Part of Loft Jr., a free monthly series showcasing great new and classic family-friendly films from around the world! Pre -show activities hosted by Mildred & Dildred Toy Store starting at 9:15am!

Sponsored by the Pima County Public Library!

“Great fun! Zathura serves up kid-friendly sci-fi thrills, along with a little nostalgia for grownups. Its low-tech special effects are a refreshing departure from the CG norm.” – Lisa Rose, Newark Star-Ledger

Based on the acclaimed children’s book by Chris Van Allsburg, the author of Jumanji and The Polar Express, Zathura is an interstellar adventure filled with heart-racing sci-fi thrills! After their father (Tim Robbins) is called into work, two young boys, Walter (Josh Hutcherson) and Danny (Jonah Bobo), are left in the care of their teenage sister, Lisa (Kristen Stewart), and told they must stay inside. Walter and Danny, who anticipate a boring day, are shocked when they begin playing Zathura, a mysterious space-themed board game they find in the basement of their old house, which they realize has mystical powers when their house is shot into space. On their fantastic journey, they are joined by a stranded astronaut (Dax Shepard) and must survive meteor showers, hostile lizard-like aliens, a rocket-propelled robot who runs amok and an intergalactic spaceship battle. Unless they finish the game and reach the planet Zathura, they could be trapped in outer space forever! (Dir. by Jon Favreau, 2005, 101 mins., Rated PG)