Zero Weeks


The U.S. is the only developed nation without paid leave. Zero Weeks is the first documentary to explore America’s paid leave crisis and the cost of doing nothing. By following workers who are forced to choose between keeping their job or beating cancer, tending to an aging parent or being with a new baby, the film makes an economic, medical, business and social case for paid family leave. Paid leave is one of the few magic bullets that can help neutralize gender, racial and social disparity in the United States. Zero Weeks uses vintage imagery and playful animations along with compelling human stories to dismantle one of the most important issues of our time. Weaving powerful stories together with insightful interviews from leading policy makers, economists, researchers and activists, Zero Weeks lays out a compelling argument for guaranteed paid leave for every American worker. The film looks at paid leave from an emotional, medical, financial and global perspective.

Zero Weeks is the fourth documentary by award-winning director, Ky Dickens. As a female director, with a track record for creating poignant work known for shifting policy and public opinion, Dickens is an ideal filmmaker to tackle this project. Dickens was inspired to make a film about paid leave, after facing financial depletion, emotional turmoil and guilt of having “not enough time,” due to a lack of paid leave, after the birth of her first child. (Dir. by Ky Dickens, 2017, USA, 87 mins., Not Rated)

Other Festival Appearances: Camden International Film Festival, DOC NYC, Portland Film Festival

Winner: Best Editing, Colorado International Film Festival

Thanks to our community partner, WOSAC – Women’s Studies Advisory Council.