COVID-19 Info

The following adaptive measures are currently in place for Loft Cinema Memberships:

All Memberships will be extended the number of months that The Loft Cinema is closed while the Membership is active. When The Loft Cinema reopens, we will update all Membership Renewal Dates in our database. For example, if your current Membership Renewal Date is 10/1/20 and we are closed for one month, your new Membership Renewal Date will be 11/1/20.

Memberships will be processed during the closure. We will mail all membership materials (including member passes, member cards, and thank you/tax letters) as soon as we know when we are able to reopen the theatre to the public. Membership letters will show a Membership Renewal Date that is a year after your purchase; however, we will update the Membership Renewal Date as noted above when The Loft Cinema reopens.

Student, Teacher, and Military memberships will be available for purchase online. If you have purchased a Student, Teacher, or Military membership, you may be asked to show a current picture ID at the theatre when the theatre reopens.

Once again, we are humbled by your support – you are part of a larger community of film lovers, and we at The Loft Cinema will continue to honor your commitment to our mission in every way possible!