Staff & Board

Staff & Board


OFFICE PHONE: 520-322-5638


Peggy Johnson, Executive Director
[email protected]


Jeff Yanc, Program Director
[email protected]


J.J. Giddings, Marketing Director
[email protected]


Matt McCoy, Deputy Marketing Director
[email protected]


David Correa, Business and Development Manager
[email protected]


Mysti Moore, Operations Manager
[email protected]


Ana QuiƱones, Events and Volunteer Coordinator
[email protected]


Monique Murrieta, Outreach & Community Development Coordinator
[email protected]


Johnny Salas, Operations Coordinator
[email protected]


THEATRE PHONE: 520-795-0844


Gilbert Durazo, General Manager
[email protected]


Malcolm Russell-Nelson, Assistant General Manager
[email protected]


Max Dozier, Assistant Manager
[email protected]


Justin Sims, Shift Lead
[email protected]


Niko Ryan, Shift Lead
[email protected]


Haley McFeely, Projection Manager
[email protected]


Allie Vega, Assistant Projection Manager
[email protected]


Victor Bostick, Purchasing Specialist
[email protected]


Ron Barber, President

Tim Fuller, Vice-President

Max McCauslin, Treasurer

Melodie Lopez, Secretary

Betsy Bolding

Stephen Golden

Jaime GutiƩrrez

Dianne Iauco

Mary Koss

Carmen Marriott

Hal Melfi

Katherine Pew

Tim Reckart

Claire Scheuren

Lisanne Skyler

Joanne Stuhr

Joe Tarver

Stephanie Troutman Robbins

Jan Mueller, Emeritus


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