Facility Rentals



Please note: we cannot take new bookings of the theatre until February 2020, and are only scheduling a maximum of seven weeks in advance until further notice.

All three of our screens are available to rent for private screenings, corporate events, fundraisers, birthday parties or whatever you can dream up!

Here are the basics:

The Loft Cinema is available to rent in screens 1 (370 seats) and screen 3 (96 seats), at the following times and rates:

Monday: Before 6pm (Screen 1: $300 per hour | Screen 3: $250 per hour)
Tuesday: All day (Screen 1: $300 per hour before 6pm; $400 per hour after 6pm | Screen 3: $250 per hour before 6pm; $350 per hour after 6pm)
Wednesday: Before 6pm (Screen 1: $300 per hour | Screen 3: $250 per hour)
Thursday: Before 6pm (Screen 1: $300 per hour | Screen 3: $250 per hour)
Friday: Before 6pm (Screen 1: $300 per hour | Screen 3: $250 per hour)
Saturday: Not available
Sunday: All day (Screen 1: $400 per hour | Screen 3: $350 per hour)

Please note: we offer a 40% discount to independent filmmakers and nonprofits with valid 501(c)(3) status.

Some rules and caveats:

-Rentals are subject to availability, and The Loft Cinema’s schedule fills up several months in advance. It is advisable to secure a date a minimum of three months in advance.

-The Loft Cinema will not rent the theatre for partisan or political events.

-All food and beverage sales are retained by The Loft Cinema, and all sales must go through us. Catering for private receptions by outside vendors can be arranged by the renter but must be approved in advance.

-Any publicity of your event must use The Loft Cinema’s current logo, and must refer to the venue as “The Loft Cinema” in all instances (not “The Loft,” “The Loft Theatre,” etc.).

-As long as your event is open to the public, The Loft Cinema will endeavor to promote the event through its channels (the monthly printed film guide, website, social media, e-blasts, etc.), but deadlines will be provided and must be followed in order to qualify. Such promotion is subject to availability and not a guarantee.

-Renters must provide the name and email address of a contact person that can be made public in the event of questions from our customers.

-The Loft Cinema can sell tickets for your event, but will retain 5% of all ticket sales to cover credit card processing, staffing, and materials. The Loft Cinema additionally retains all internet processing fees, which will not factor into gross ticket sales.

-The Loft Cinema can secure film rights from distributors on your behalf. Renters are not charged for The Loft Cinema’s services in securing the rights, but renters will be responsible for any fees associated with the rental process, including but not limited to film rental fees and shipping fees.

-The Loft Cinema’s staff will meet with you once for a technical test, but additional meetings will require a $20 per hour fee, with a one hour minimum fee to be charged. Meetings must be scheduled in advance and are subject to availability.

-The Loft Cinema reserves the right to play up to five trailers of upcoming films and events before your rental. Only appropriate titles will be promoted.

-Payment in full for your rental fee is due two weeks in advance of the event.

To inquire about availability, please fill out the form below. If a question of yours has not been answered, please send an email to Deputy Director Zach Breneman at [email protected]