Documentary Shorts

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The Loft Film Fest’s documentary shorts program includes a wide range of experiences and techniques, all of them engaging and unique.

Donnie An intimate portrait of Donnie Cianciotto (Artisitc Director, Musical Mayhem Cabaret, Tucson, AZ), a trans man whose sense of self is not recognized by the world around him. (Dir. by Anna Augustowska, 2015, USA, 10 mins.) Director Anna Augustowska and subject / star Donnie Cianciotto in person!

New Mo’ Cut: David Peoples Lost Film of Moe’s Books A short documentary chronicling the surprising discovery at the Berkeley dump of a 16mm film of the 1965 opening night party for a legendary Telegraph Avenue bookstore. (Dir. by Siciliana Trevino, 2015, USA, 14 mins.) Director Siciliana Trevino in person!

The Bicknell Genevieve Bicknell comes from a family that has a crest emblazoned on t-shirts, writes genealogical books about themselves, and every year competes in a fancy-dress golf tournament. (Dir. by Genevieve Bicknell, 2015, UK, 17 mins.)

Animation Hotline, 2015 (Documentary Version) An animated series of real life stories, crowd-sourced from telephone answering machine messages. (Dir. by Dustin Grella, 2015, USA, 7 mins.)

Papa Machete Two hundred years ago, Haitian slaves defeated Napoleon’s armies with the same tool used to work the land: the machete. Papa Machete explores a martial art evolved from this victory through the practice of one of its few remaining masters. (Dir. by Jonathan David Kane, 2015, USA/Haiti, 11 mins.)

Chau Beyond the Lines Chau, a teenager living in a Vietnamese care center for kids disabled by Agent Orange, struggles with the reality of his dream to one day become a professional artist. (Dir. by Courtney Marsh, 2015, USA/Vietnam, 34 mins.) Director Courtney Marsh and producer Jerry Franck in person!

Goran Joy and frustration as constructed by Goran Gostojić of Novi Sad. (Dir. by Roberto Santaguida, 2015, Serbia, 11 mins.)