Flesh Gordon


“The Space Age Sex Spoof that is out of this world!” The nasty Emperor Wang, ruler of the planet Porno, aims his deadly “sex ray” at Earth, threatening to turn everyone into love-starved hump fiends, and only the dim-witted but heroic football player Flesh Gordon and his pals can set things straight in this goofy, ostensibly adult-oriented (but highly juvenile) sci-fi spoof that’s NOT to be confused with the original Flash Gordon … as if that were actually possible!

“A breathtakingly stupid cult film that’s also a huge amount of fun … goofy, corny and sexually outrageous.”– Mondo Digital

Made at the height of the ‘70s “sex cinema boom,” Flesh Gordon is a soft-core adventure in absurdity that seems like it was made by a gang of horny 13 year-old boys with unlimited access to movie cameras and bad actors. Based on the 1930s Flash Gordon serials, the movie features a gaggle of ridiculous characters, all of whom are required to remove their clothing at some point: our hero Flesh Gordon; his love interest Dale Ardor; the evil Emperor Wang the Perverted; scientist Dr. Flexi Jerkoff ; seductive Amora, Queen of Magic; and effeminate Prince Precious of the Forest Kingdom. Watch in disbelief as the studly-but-stupid Flesh Gordon battles one-eyed penisaurauses, lesbian armies, rapist robots and the Great God Porno, a giant, stop-motion animated monster with a bitchy attitude and a voice that sounds like Charles Nelson Reilly on downers! Featuring hilariously cheesy effects (including a phallic rocket ship dangling on clearly visible wires), stiff (no pun intended) performances and some surprisingly great stop-motion animation (an obvious tribute to Ray Harryhausen, who was undoubtedly thrilled), Flesh Gordon is a one-of-a-kind Mondo Masterpiece.  (Dir. by Michael Benveniste & Howard Ziehm, 1974, USA, 78 mins., Rated R)