Killer Workout

Killer Workout


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Feel the burn during FREAKY FITNESS MONTH at Mondo Mondays, featuring a pumped up collection of hilariously health-obsessed horror flicks filled to the max with unhealthy cheesiness!

“Something very unhealthy is happening at Rhonda’s health club!”  An exercise-hating maniac is terrorizing the big-haired, spandex-clad members of Rhonda’s Gym and it’s really getting their blood pumping – all over the exercise equipment! – in this gleefully goofy ‘80s slasher fitness flick that’s definitely Jason Voorhees’ favorite workout tape!  In Killer Workout (aka Aerobicide), a young woman named Valerie is involved in a horrible tanning bed accident (extra-crispy!), and two years later, her twin sister Rhonda (Marcia Karr, Savage Streets) decides to open a chic health club, where soft-core aerobics classes, excessive showering and constant sexual tension keep its members in great shape. Until, that is, a mad killer starts knocking off all the gym rats in increasingly silly ways (this is perhaps the first, and last, horror film to feature death by giant bobby pin … not that anyone seems to care, as characters blissfully continue exercising even while paramedics are carrying the victims out of the gym in body bags), and a musclebound detective named Chuck Dawson (Ted Prior, Deadly Prey) tries to figure it all out. Who’s the killer?  Who cares? Just enjoy the rampant T&A (of the male AND female variety), the godawful ‘80s synth music and sweaty exercise sequences, the laughable low-budget gore, the hilariously over-the-top acting that makes EVERYONE seem like a psycho killer, and a “shocking” twist ending that will surprise absolutely no one. An entertaining trainwreck that could have ONLY escaped from the 1980s, from the director of Deadly Prey! (Dir. by David A. Prior, 1987, USA, 85 mins., Rated R)

1 HR 25 MIN | R

Released 1987
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