Prognosis: Notes on Living

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Prognosis: Notes on Living

This is a rental of The Loft Cinema, presented by Lesbian Looks.

FOLLOWED BY PANEL DISCUSSION with producers Nancy Otto (Chasnoff’s wife) and Lidia Szajko!

In perhaps her bravest act as a filmmaker, Oscar-winning San Francisco documentarian and LGBTQ+ activist Debra Chasnoff responded to her diagnosis of stage 4 cancer by turning the camera on herself, her wife, and her sons to chronicle the journey that lay ahead. With her usual candor and humor, she took on the assignment out of necessity; not wishing to be defined only as patient or victim, she adopted her accustomed role as storyteller. Completed according to her wishes by a circle of Bay Area peers and family, PROGNOSIS is not only a film about illness. It is a deeply moving personal memoir that invites audiences to talk about end of life issues, community care, and what it means to live with intentionality up to the last breath.

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