Shaun of the Dead


The cracked British comedy team of Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and director Edgar Wright hit the rotting corpse on the head with this gross, hilarious and spot-on comedic update of the zombie genre. Shaun of the Dead follows the bloody funny adventures of professional underachiever Shaun (co-writer Simon Pegg) and his best mate Ed (Nick Frost) as they cope with a zombie invasion of North London.

“An extremely funny, side-splitting good time.” – Jim Agnew, Film Threat

The flesh-eating undead are on the hunt for a bite to eat, and it’s up to our slacker heroes to save their friends and family from becoming a zombie buffet. As they round up their mates and make their way towards the sanctuary of a local pub, Shaun and Ed must summon reserves of strength they didn’t know they possessed and strain muscles they forgot they ever had, battling the hungry hordes of shambling corpses with their weapons of choice: a cricket bat, Prince’s Batman soundtrack and a whole lot of beer! (Dir. by Edgar Wright, 2004, UK, 99 mins., Rated R)