The Loft Kids Fest At Home

Spy Kids

Saturday, july 25 | FREE STREAMING ON TUBI!

Part of a very special “couch surfing” edition of The Loft Kids Fest that we’re calling The Loft Kids Fest At Home! 

Step 1 – Watch our special Daily Kids Fest Bonus Video!
Step 2 – Watch the short film, Rouff (2017, Germany, 7 mins.)! Click HERE to watch.
Step 3 – Watch Spy Kids FREE on TUBI! Click HERE to watch.

BONUS – Once you finish the film, enter our raffle for a chance to win a prize! 

This fun action flick for families, from writer/director Robert Rodriguez, is jam-packed with daring spies, cool gadgets and thrilling adventure.

Spy Kids is giddy with the joy of its invention. It’s an exuberant, colorful extravaganza, wall-to-wall with wildly original sets and visual gimmicks … You can imagine Robert Rodriguez, the writer and director, grinning as he dreamed this stuff up.” – Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times

Nine years ago, top international spies Gregorio and Ingrid Cortez (Antonio Banderas and Carla Gugino) traded the excitement of espionage for the adventure of parenthood.  But when they’re called out on a secret mission, the Cortezes are separated from their family and kidnapped by the evil Fegan Floop (Alan Cumming). Fortunately, there are two people who possess the skills and know-how to reunite the family: Carmen and Juni Cortez, their kids! Before you can say “007,” the spy kids are bravely crisscrossing the globe in a thrilling quest to save their parents. All the while, they discover that keeping the family together is their most important mission.  Also starring Tony Shalhoub, Cheech Marin and Danny Trejo.  (Dir. by Robert Rodriguez, 2001, USA, 88 mins., Rated PG)