The Brain That Wouldn’t Die


“One of the loopiest, sleaziest and most endearing Z-budget independent cheapies ever made.” – DVD Savant Review

“Alive…without a body…fed by an unspeakable horror from hell!” In this notoriously absurd and surprisingly sleazy 1959 sci-fi/horror train wreck, misguided romance is just the tip of the bad movie iceberg as a creepy surgeon sets out to prove that if you can’t be with the one you love, then maybe you at least still have a shot with their medulla oblongata. Dashing Dr. Bill Cortner is not only lucky with the ladies, he’s also obsessed by amputated limbs and implausible surgical transplant ideas. But not even Bill’s saucy fiancée Jan knows that Bill has secretly installed his own Frankenstein-style mad lab in the family country house, complete with a crippled assistant and a horrible, unseen “Thing” locked away in the closet. One night, Bill’s reckless driving causes a teeny, tiny traffic accident which results in Jan’s head bouncing down the highway. Never one to pass up an opportunity, Bill snatches up the newly independent noggin and before you can say “Suture self!” our hero’s got Jan’s cranium propped upright in a plateful of goop, keeping the head alive just long enough for him to hunt down the city’s sexiest strippers, hookers and “figure models” in a mad search for a suitable replacement body for his beloved sweetie pie. There’s just one catch – the newly body-deficient “Jan in a Dish” can’t stop yapping, laughing like a maniac and telepathically communicating with the Thing in the closet as she plots her horrible revenge on Dr. Bill for not letting her die in peace. What a hot head! Featuring bad science, murders, shocking gore (shocking for 1959 anyway), gratuitous stripper fights and bizarre performances that literally define the term “camp,” The Brain that Wouldn’t Die is head and shoulders above all other disembodied head horror flicks. (Dir. by Joseph Green, 1962, USA, 82 mins., Not Rated)