The Lost Boys


“Sleep all day. Party all night. Never grow old. Never die. It’s fun to be a vampire.” That pretty much sums up the appeal of this fang-banging ‘80s horror/teen flick mash-up, a vampires-running-amuck-in-Southern California fright flick that dishes up as many laughs as screams … not to mention a pair of teen heartthrobs both named Corey!

“An ‘80s teen vampire flick done right … a sexy blend of bad lads, bloodsuckers, camp comedy and carnage.” – Total Film

When a single mom (Diane Wiest) and her teen sons (Jason Patrick and Corey Haim) move from the Midwest to hip and happening Santa Carla, California, the boys find that they have a hard time fitting in – not because they’re not cool enough (come on, it’s Jason Patrick and Corey Haim!), but because, as it turns out, the “in-crowd” is actually comprised of a gaggle of leather-clad, blood-thirsty teen vampires (led by a sinister, punked-out Kiefer Sutherland) with nothing to do but suck down the red stuff and listen to New Wave classics by INXS and Echo and the Bunnymen. And when Jason P. falls under the spell of a sexy vampira (Jamie Gertz) and is accidentally turned into a vampire himself, it’s up to young Corey Haim and his new nerd pals The Frog Brothers (Jamison Newlander and Corey Feldman) to save him from an eternity of wearing sunglasses at night. (Dir. by Joel Schumacher, 1987, 97 mins., Rated R)