The Room

“Almost Valentine’s Day” Screening!

The Room


General Admission: $15 | Loft Members: $12

Passes Not Accepted

Free plastic spoon and surprises with every ticket!

Free The Room valentine’s cards to the first 100 customers in the door!

Oh hi, Valentine’s Day!  Love is in the air, and it smells like The Room! Cozy up with someone special (but leave your stupid comments in your pocket!) as we usher in the most romantic day of the year (a few days early) with a special screening of everyone’s favorite rom com of lust, betrayal and extreme Tommy Wiseau-i-ness! Sink into the warm bubble bath of absurdity that IS The Room, and wear your finest Room-inspired costume for a pre-show Costume Contest of epic proportions! A special prize will be awarded to the best costume of the night, so get those slinky red dresses and ill-fitting tuxedos out of the closet. And don’t forget:  love may be blind, but you’ll always be our favorite customer!

The Room is a cinematic experience unlike anything you have ever seen – an electrifying, soul-searing explosion of love, passion, betrayal and lies, starring the truly unique writer/director Tommy Wiseau as Johnny, a successful, happy-go-lucky banker with a great job, cool friends and even a girlfriend he hopes will someday be “The One.”   But wait!  Cruel fate is lurking around every corner, and before you can say “Oh, hi doggie!,” drugs, deception, soft-core sex and a cheating heart begin to unravel Johnny’s life. Our hero is soon trapped by vicious betrayals from everyone around him and he must find a way out before he is torn apart!   The ultimate cinematic car crash from which you will definitely NOT want to look away, The Room is a cult sensation that is hilariously awful and borderline surreal in ways that can only be explained by sheer artistic madness.  From its gloriously wooden dialogue to its bizarre green screen depiction of San Francisco to its unsettling obsession with spoons, footballs and breast cancer, The Room is a film so deeply insane it must be seen to be disbelieved. (Dir. by Tommy Wiseau, 2003, USA, 99 min., Rated R)

1 HR 39 MIN | R

Released 2003
The Room Trailer Trailer
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