Turkish Star Wars

Turkish Star Wars


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The Blacktop Grill food truck will be at The Loft Cinema every Monday from 6pm – 9pm, serving delicious hot dogs, nachos and more!

Blast off into the bad movie cosmos as Mondo Mondays presents 2022: A SPACE TRAVESTY, featuring an entire month’s worth of intergalactic oddities that are really out of this world!

The notorious Turkish rip-off to end all Turkish rip-offs, Turkish Star Wars (aka The Man Who Saves the World) is a mind-warping, eye-popping, indescribable Grade Z cinematic “homage” to a certain blockbuster hit filled with evil wizards, lasers, skeletons on horseback and a blatant overuse of unauthorized footage from “that other movie,” not to mention music lifted from Flash Gordon and Raiders of the Lost Ark!  A film so amazing not even Ewoks could ruin it.  (Dir. by Cetin Inanc, 1982, Turkey, dubbed in English, 91 mins., Not Rated)

1 HR 31 MIN | NR

Released 1982
Turkish Star Wars Trailer Trailer
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